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Jack: Our future musician…or super hero!

Like many parents, the nannies enjoy watching the little ones sleep (probably partly because they’re quiet…but also because they’re cute!) They say that when Jack’s asleep, he often shoots his hands up randomly into the air. The nannies say that “his gesture looks like a symphony conductor holding his hands up to indicate the end of the playing, or like a superman’s flying pose”.

They think he is having beautiful dreams—and we hope that he is.

Or…maybe he IS a budding symphony conductor!

Like the other babies, Jack has become more demanding the longer he resides in the cleft home. This makes work a little more challenging for our nannies, but we love to hear that our babies are becoming more demanding because we know it means they are learning that they can voice their needs, and their needs will be met. We are so thankful for our wonderful nannies who meet the needs (and wants!) of these babies day after day after day.

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