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Jackie’s Heart Surgery

Jackie, an eight-year-old little girl with severe heart disease who was featured here previously (“Joyful Jackie Needs Our Help”), had her long-awaited heart catheterization. The good news is that the doctors in Shanghai have determined that Jackie’s heart is operable.

Jackie 3-17-14 2 small

She was diagnosed with severe Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), Left Ventricular Dysplasia, and Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), and the doctors said they have not seen a heart like Jackie’s before. Jackie’s heart surgery will be complex and risky, but we are thankful that she is in good hands at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University where we have sent many children for complex surgeries.

Jackie 3-24-14 3

When Jackie arrived at the hospital with her father last week, she became very homesick for her orphanage. This is the first time in years that her father has been able to take care of his daughter, and he is struggling to find ways to comfort her.

Jackiewdad small

The doctor was so concerned about Jackie’s oxygen levels that he told her to stay in bed, adding to her discouragement. We are used to seeing a smile on Jackie’s face, but she is understandably nervous and discouraged right now.

Jackie-3-26-14-2 small

Jackie’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, so we ask that she and her father be kept in your thoughts and prayers.

The cost of Jackie’s complex heart surgery is estimated to be $17,200. Please consider partnering with us to help this little girl have a brighter future. Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted!

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