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Jacqueline: Blossoming at Our Qingyang Believe in Me School

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about. ~Marilyn Monroe

One of the best things about our Believe In Me orphanage schools is seeing students who may not otherwise have a chance of attending school begin to blossom and grow in the classroom setting. Eleven-year-old Jacqueline from the Qingyang orphanage is one such student. She has cerebral palsy and limb differences and uses an assistive device to walk, so attending a public school would not be possible for her in China.

Believe In Me School (BIM) students have their days filled with fun educational activities and get the opportunity to build relationships with dedicated teachers. The result is lots of learning & friendships made – which results in lots of smiles!

Jacqueline quite obviously enjoys her school days. She exudes happiness and helps us remember that life is full of simple joys.

Recently, Jacqueline and her Qingyang BIM friends have been spending lots of time outside soaking in the warmer weather.

She has been observing the blooming flowers, playing in the water with friends, and taking advantage of the increased mobility her walker provides.

Andrew Jacqueline 6.16

Inside the school, Jacqueline and her friends stay busy with lots of fun projects.  Of course all the children enjoy snack time, and Jacqueline is no exception!

The Qingyang BIM teachers have recently designed some lesson plans to help students work on listening and then retelling a story. Jacqueline and her friend Barry are working on those skills it using a felt board.

Jacqueline and her friends also work on crafts throughout the day to help improve their fine motor skills and develop their imaginations.

Seeing the bright smiles of Jacqueline and her friends at the Qingyang BIM School fills our hearts with joy and reminds us that there are indeed so many beautiful things in life to smile about.

Thank you to all the Love Without Boundaries’ education sponsors who put a smile on the faces of our students like Jacqueline every day!

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