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James and Harley’s Separation Surgery

Joined together since birth, James and Harley are now separate little boys following their complex surgery yesterday at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai.

James and Harley 2.24.16

The twins’ separation surgery began early Wednesday morning. Imagine their young parents’ feelings of fear, excitement, and hope as they watched their babies be taken away for this long-awaited surgery.

conjoined twins right before surgeryHarley and James’ dad with the boys right before they were taken to the OR

Then, waiting was all that was left to do for the twins’ family.

conjoined twins family waiting 2.24.16

As the day wore on, the family’s eyes were focused on the door at the end of the corridor, anxiously waiting for doctors to come through it with news about their little boys.

conjoined twins parents waiting 2.24.16

In the OR, doctors were working delicately to separate the boys’ pelvic cavity and intestines. At 4:20 p.m. on Wednesday, the twins were officially two individual little boys, as Harley was handed to waiting surgeons so their own unique operations could begin.

conjoined twins moment of separation 2.24.16The moment of separation

Now it was time for the urology team began their work, which was anticipated to be the most difficult stage of this highly complex operation. Approximately three hours later, surgery was complete. We were told that their separation surgery was one of the most difficult surgeries ever performed at this hospital. We are in complete awe of the medical team who made this possible!

Harley and James were moved into a big room in the PICU where they are now together and in stable condition. They were scheduled to be removed from the ventilator today, but doctors feel they should have assistance with their breathing for a little bit longer.

James PICU 2.24.16

So far, the boys are doing very well, and their parents are expected to be allowed to visit with them this afternoon!

conjoined twin PICU 2.24.16

Before the separation took place, the surgeons marked each boy with a different colored dot on their forehead to tell them apart. So without further ado, we introduce James…

James2 PICU 2.24.16

and Harley!

Harley 2.24.16

Words cannot express our gratitude to everyone who supported this family both financially and with thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. When we come together, things that seem impossible — become possible!

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