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Jared: Peace Out!

Jared is one cool dude!  In every photo we see of him, he confidently gives us the “peace” sign.  In the last blog we ran on him, we reported that Jared might be the next Justin Bieber…with his upbeat, polite attitude and his love for singing and performing, not to mention his obvious sense of self-assurance.  Jared is quite friendly to everyone in his orphanage in Shunde.

Besides his cool and amiable attitude, nine-year-old Jared is a very intelligent and inquisitive boy.  He loves school and always has lots of questions for the teachers because he thinks a lot.  An active participant in class, Jared accepts new things quickly and enjoys school very much.  The nannies in Shunde tell us that he likes to help them with housework and chores and enjoys looking after the younger kids. We think he sounds like a joy to be around!   There is no question that Jared would liven things up in any family with his quick and curious mind, his confidence, and his good heart.  He is still waiting  for his family to find him on the shared list.  In the meantime, he says, “Peace out!”

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