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Jason: Experiencing Life and Love With His Foster Family

We first met Jason in March of 2015 as a two-month-old little boy with a GI defect in need of immediate care.

Following surgery and many months at our Anhui Healing Home, Jason’s medical needs were stabilized, and he was able to move out of the healing home and into LWB foster care. Jason was welcomed with open arms by a happy foster family in Anhui.

Jason quickly attached to his foster family. He flourished in their care, saying his first words a month later, including, “Mama,” “Jie Jie (sister)”, and Baba (Daddy).” Jason could often be found with a new trinket or toy from his foster parents, like this precious toy necklace they gave him to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

When he was nearly two years old, Jason was counting items up to 9. On his second birthday, his foster family had a party for him, with a birthday cake and singing. He told everyone he met, “I am two!”

During Spring Festival, Jason celebrated the new year with his foster family and received many red envelopes containing lucky money from relatives and friends. His foster sister showed him how to kowtow, or bow to show respect, to his foster grandparents. He enjoyed a special new year meal, especially the whole fish.

In foster care, Jason has had the opportunity to enjoy the love of not only his foster parents but also his foster grandparents. This spring, Jason’s foster grandmother surprised him with his own bicycle! It was a little big for him, but he will be tall enough in no time.

This summer, Jason took his first family car trip with his foster family to visit relatives. On that trip, Jason took his first kayak ride with his uncle. He enjoyed it so much he refused to get it out of the boat!

Jason has experienced so much through his placement in foster care that he could never have experienced in orphanage care, from big holidays and exciting outings to playing with children in the neighborhood and enjoying simple family meals with his foster family. Most importantly, he has had the chance to know the love of an extended family and what it means to be a cherished son, brother, nephew, and grandson.

We are so thankful to Jason’s sponsors and to all of you who support foster care. You truly allow these children to experience life…and love.

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