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Jenn’s Transformation

When Jenn was found on a freezing cold December day, she was a preemie suffering from hypothermia and weighed just over two pounds.


Her orphanage quickly reached out for assistance for this tiny preemie, and we were so happy we could help.

Jenn was immediately transferred to a specialized children’s hospital where she was also found to have pneumonia. LWB’s generous supporters rallied behind little Jenn, providing the funds needed for her care.


With each passing week, Jenn gained ounce after ounce. Soon, these ounces turned into pounds, and we celebrated as we watched Jenn grow. Exactly two months after her admission, Jenn was discharged from the hospital to our Heartbridge Healing Home. The once tiny preemie is now filling out under the loving care of the Heartbridge nannies.


Jenn’s transformation is amazing! It was made possible by gracious sponsors who make hope and healing a reality for children like Jenn.

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