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Jenny’s Second Chance

In late fall 2012 we were asked by an orphanage in Jiangsu to please take a baby they felt was critically ill into our care. This little girl was born with an abdominal malformation, and she had recurrent fevers and infections that made the orphanage staff fear for her life.


We moved the baby, whom we named Jenny, to our Heartbridge Healing Home, outside of Beijing. She arrived listless, and soon after her fevers began again. We arranged for Jenny to have extensive testing done, where we learned that this beautiful little baby had much more complex issues than originally reported. Doctors informed us that in addition to her intestinal issues, Jenny had been born with just one kidney, and the remaining kidney that she had was in danger of shutting down. An emergency operation was needed to save her life. We were all so thankful when she pulled through this crisis and was able to return to our healing home to recover, but the cycle of fevers, infection, and health scares continued. We knew that for Jenny to have a chance at long-term health, what she truly needed was a family of her own.

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LWB began advocating for little Jenny to find a home, and we were overjoyed this past spring to learn that a family in the U.S. had filed the paperwork to make her their daughter. Over the next eight months we continued to care for Jenny at Heartbridge, and whenever needed she was hospitalized and received additional operations. We were very grateful that one of the top urologists in the world, Dr. John Ngan from Hong Kong, agreed to take her as a patient. We know his interventions kept this beautiful little girl alive.

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In spite of all of her medical challenges, we began to see the sweetest little personality emerge. Jenny became fiercely bonded to her nannies, and in their company she would smile and charm them all. However, woe to the stranger who came into her room! Jenny would make it quite clear that she wanted nothing to do with anyone else other than her beloved caregivers.


In late November two very special strangers came into Jenny’s life – her adoptive mom and dad! True to form, she wasn’t very happy initially about having new people in her life, but we know she will soon be sharing her beautiful smiles with her forever family. We can’t wait to see what this determined and very special little girl will accomplish with her life.


We are so grateful to everyone who helped support Jenny’s healing home care and all of her medical needs for the past year. Thank you for giving Jenny this wonderful second chance!

When we work together, the most beautiful things can happen for the children.

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