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Jesse Is A Good Friend of Mine

In February 2011, I was provided with the amazing opportunity to go to Jinjiang and help train LWB Believe In Me teachers in speech and language skills.  One of the highlights of the trip was meeting Jesse. Jesse is a little guy with an infectious belly laugh (which you can see in the video below) and amazing smile. He also has both albinism and a cleft lip/palate.  Each condition on their own can be scary and together may seem daunting.  But don’t be afraid. If this is your little boy, know that neither of these conditions are related to each other and both are very manageable.

Albinism affects skin, hair, and vision.  Jesse has pure white hair and light blue eyes.  This is referred to as oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) and basically means that he has no pigment.  In people with OCA, there is typically some degree of light sensitivity, helped with sunglasses when outside.  Glasses also help, and there are many services and devices available as well.  People with albinism are successful as doctors, attorneys, models, teachers, contractors, actors, occupational therapists, and just about anything they dream of becoming. Albinism does not affect intelligence.  Check out www.albinsim.org if you want to do more research, or contact LWB to get  in touch with me.  I personally have adopted two children with albinism.

Laughing with Jesse

(Please note that you will be unable to view the video if you are reading the blog in email format; if you click directly through to the blog, the video should show up there).

When we met, Jesse was very engaging and made great eye contact at a close distance.  He was curious like any other toddler and thoroughly inspected my jewelry, hair, teeth, and clothes.  The second day we visited, he popped his head up the second he heard my voice!  As far as his cleft is concerned, he had an excellent lip repair in China.  He does still have an open palate that will need to be corrected when he is adopted.  However, this has not had a negative impact on his eating!  He also was babbling when we visited last year, and I am certain that he is talking by now!

Jesse and Chris

I recently learned that Jesse will be starting school at the Believe In Me Jinjiang School.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for him to learn and interact with his friends.  However, what Jesse needs so much more than school, a repaired palate, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat…is a family. A family to love him.  To listen to that amazing belly laugh.  To help him grow into a man.   To help him get the palate repair and the glasses, but mostly to love him.  Is Jesse your son? I have been known to say that if someone in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area adopts him, I will provide free babysitting!  This little guy deserves a chance to grow, learn, and be loved.

~Chris Kramer, Speech and Language Specialist

Susie, the manager at the Believe in Me Jinjiang school, recently sent us this video of Jesse…in action!

She said that he is always smiling. Susie and the staff at the Believe In Me Jinjiang School are really looking forward to having him begin school there after Chinese New Year!

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