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Jia Qi: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week

Jia Qi is not afraid.

Jia Qi is not afraid of hard work. He works for a token sum at the university library and still finds time to do volunteer work to help others.

Jia Qi is not afraid of a physical handicap. At three years old he became ill with polio. He uses one of his hands to help him walk.

Jia Qi is not afraid of life. He is a popular and well liked classmate, particularly because of his sense of humor.

Jia Qi is not afraid to dream. He wrote, “I recall a beautiful sentence I once heard: For a chance to see the sunshine, I came to the world.”

A typical teenage student in our education program’s Sunflower Project, Jia Qi is from an impoverished farming family. His two older brothers never had the chance to attend high school because they are needed to help support the family. Jia Qi also wants to help his family…by attaining a college degree. Jia Qi is a brave young man who faces life’s challenges with a sense of humor and courage.

Sponsors of $20 a month are needed to support Jia Qi. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos. Your donation will make a life-changing impact on this brave young man.

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