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Jillian’s Ongoing Transformation

Nearly five months old when we first met her in August, Jillian was a tiny little thing.  She was admitted to the hospital with a bloating stomach and a possible intestinal obstruction.  Her final diagnosis, however, was septicemia, a potentially fatal whole-body inflammation caused by severe infection, along with malnutrition and formula allergy.


Thanks to medical treatment, TLC, and a specialized formula called Neocate, Jillian now looks like this!


The downside to Neocate is its cost:  over $1,000 per case.  Due to donations made to a special Nutrition fund begun by Gracie Ellsbury, a little girl moved to give back to others in the way that people supported her during her illness, we were able to provide this formula to Jillian to help her recovery.

Jillian w formula

Although she is still in the hospital in Anhui, Jillian is beginning to grow stronger and thrive.  However, funds are still needed before she can be released to our Starbridge Healing Home for further recovery.

Please visit Jillian’s sponsor page if you would like to help this little wisp of a girl grow to be strong and healthy!

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