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Jimmy: A Portrait of Determination and Courage

Jimmy 9.15

Despite his age, thirteen-year-old Jimmy is one of the newer members of our foster care program in Sanmenxia. Five months ago, Jimmy left the only home he knew, his orphanage, to live with a foster family so that he could attend public school for the first time.

Jimmy 8.1

Due to his delay in schooling, Jimmy is somewhat behind his peers but is determined to work hard. Jimmy’s foster parents are so proud of him and praise him for his hard work.

Jimmy home

Due to his medical diagnosis, Jimmy has an unsteady gait, but that does not deter him. Every day, he walks to and from school with his foster father by his side in case he needs to take a break. Our manager in China has walked home from school with Jimmy and has shared photographs of his route. This is no easy task for Jimmy to complete every morning and afternoon, and yet he does it with a big smile on his face.

Jimmy school

Jimmy takes great pride in his work and is often showing our manager his homework. He is said to be a helpful child in the classroom and enjoys being around his peers.


We have heard the wonderful news that Jimmy has a family working towards adopting him!

We are so proud of Jimmy’s courage and determination and feel lucky to have him in our foster care program.

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