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Jin Bing Waits for Surgery

Five-year-old Jin Bing has a complicated heart defect. When he was a baby, Jin Bing’s mother abandoned the family, and his father had to become a migrant worker in a province far away. Jin Bing became another “left behind” child who is now being raised by his grandmother in very meager conditions. The family has no financial means to pay for the life saving surgery this little boy needs.

This sweet child needs surgery in order to grow and lead a healthy life. LWB’s Unity Fund exists to help families like Jin Bing’s who are facing major medical expenses stay together. We would love to help this family and lift the burden that they are facing. By donating to JinBing’s surgery fund, you would be giving this child and his family hope for his future.

To help Jin Bing and other children like him, visit our medical sponsorship page and use these last few days of 2012 to change a life!

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