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Jing Yang: From Foster Care to Forever Family

For the past eight years, we watched a little girl named Chloe grow and thrive in the heart of our foster care program in Lu’An. So imagine our great joy at finally seeing this kind, sweet-hearted twelve-year old finally meet her forever family this past month!


Chloe now goes by her given Chinese name, Jing Yang. Jing Yang’s mom writes this about their adoption experience so far:

We are happy to report that Jing Yang is doing so well. The first few days we had her, she cried at night. We expected her to grieve as we had heard she was very close to her foster mother and lived in a tight-knit village.

Chloe and foster mom smaller Jing Yang with her foster mother

This grieving process tells us that she will bond again as she was bonded previously to her foster family.

jingyangfamilyJing Yang in the middle of her new family in China

As Jing Yang has settled in, she has become a very happy little girl. She seems very comfortable in the family environment and even helps us out with our other girl we adopted at the same time who came from an orphanage environment. Sometimes our other girl will not be familiar with what we are doing, and Jing Yang will speak to her in Mandarin to help her figure out what to do and what we are doing.

Jingyang slide

Jing Yang is very comfortable with affection, loves to sit on our lap, have her hair stroked or just be near us and learn about what we are doing. She has a great sense of humor, loves to be silly and play simple practical jokes on others and just laughs and laughs at her antics! She seems to be the type of child that will bond deeply. She is my little buddy.


We could not be happier with Jing Yang. She has already brought so much joy to our family. It has been a very easy transition, and she seems happy and ready to be a very loved member of our family.

JingYang christmas

The love and care Jing Yang experienced during her eight years in foster care may have made her initial transition from her foster family to her forever family a bit rough, but now it seems that it has given her a strong foundation for attachment and adjustment to family life.

Jingyang family

We wish Jing Yang and her family every happiness in the world. It seems they have already found it!

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