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Joel’s Magic Wand


joel's wand

Joel would like to wave his magic wand and make a brand new floor seat appear! These little seats are designed for babies who can’t yet sit upright by themselves and have many benefits. In this position, babies develop head and trunk control, and the seats are also beneficial for little ones who need to stay upright for a time after feedings. Best of all for Joel and his friends at Heartbridge Healing Home, these seats give them a “toy-level” view of the room!


We used to have three of these lovely seats in each of our two baby rooms, but we are now down to just two chairs. As you can see, they have had plenty of use and need to be retired! Each seat costs $40 USD, and we would love to wave our magic wands and send at least four to our Heartbridge Healing Home in Beijing.

As cute as Joel is with his magic wand, we think he will need a little help to make new floor seats appear.  If you would like to make a donation to help purchase these, please visit our Orphanage Assistance page and specify “Floor Seats” in the notes.

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