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John, Always Moving Forward

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still. ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt

With the help of his foster grandpa, John has mastered the art of going forward. John formed an immediate connection with his foster grandpa when he joined our Fuyang foster care program at age five. At the time, little John was recovering from spinal surgery and had experienced quite a bit of trauma (see his previous blog, “The Land of Counterpane…and Beyond”(. Learning to walk again required braces on his legs, which he still wears and may wear forever. Together John and his grandpa navigated through his recovery and continue to improve his mobility, not letting obstacles like big shoes or uncomfortable leg braces hold them back. These two are an unstoppable pair, and the progress we have seen John make has been tremendous.

John is now six years old. Since John’s special need keeps him from attending school, all of his days are spent with his grandpa. This awesome twosome keep busy by taking long walks to help improve John’s strength and walking skills, while also spending time studying math and Chinese characters.

John’s monthly reports give the impression that he is a happy-go-lucky kind of child who complains little, works very hard at everything, and smiles often. As it turns out, he is all of these things and more. Our Fuyang foster care coordinator volunteer, Vicki Hossack, was delighted to have the opportunity to meet John this past fall. Vicki was impressed and proud of this young man and remembers this about her visit with him:

I met John last October on a trip to China to visit some of our foster care children. We talked with John’s foster grandpa about his progress as John listened in intently. John was so pleased to have the opportunity to show us how well he is now walking. He grinned from ear to ear as he walked down the corridor of his home and back! John also brought us practice sheets that he and his grandpa work on together to show us the progress he is making with his math and Chinese symbols. This adorable boy is so proud of his work and accomplishments that it absolutely warms your heart.

John has the most wonderful personality and his smile is radiant, even as he sits on the sidelines watching the other children run and play. He is very obedient and never complains.

John has hopes that if he works hard, some day he will be able to climb mountains and trees. With his disposition and determination, we would not be surprised!  We would love to see what John can accomplish in life given the opportunity to attend school and get additional therapy. While the love and care of a family could give him these opportunities, we think the opportunity for a family to be privileged to have a son like John is just as great.

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