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John: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Just look at that face! Doesn’t John seem to be saying, “I’m looking for a few good sponsors. Do you know where I could find one or two?” John is a healthy four month old baby boy. He has been placed with a foster family in our Loudi Foster Care program in Hunan but still requires two sponsorships to be fully funded.

John loves being held in his foster mom’s arms and bounced gently by her. He gazes at her with a smile on his face when she speaks to him. He is an active baby who is very watchful of all that happens around him. But all that activity helps him sleep well, only getting up once to be fed in the night. When John awakens, he doesn’t cry but waits patiently sucking his fingers in his crib until his foster mom comes to get him up.

These small details of this child’s life are such an encouragement. He is so “normal.” And that is what foster care is all about – providing a loving, nurturing and “normal” family environment to a child who would otherwise experience anything but “normal.” Would you like to help support John in his wonderfully normal infancy? If so, then please visit John’s sponsor page!

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