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John: The Best Actor in the Cleft Home!

(John went for surgery this week…this is an old post)
Doesn’t John look happy and content in all these pictures? It certainly looks like he’s a happy baby! But Zhang Ming warns us to not be “cheated by his disguise. John is actually now the fussiest boy in the cleft home!” John loves bathing and behaves very well in the bathtub, but likes to be the center of attention and quickly becomes fussy when something isn’t going his way.



When John first arrived at the cleft home, he couldn’t hold his head up, but now he can stand up with just a little bit of help! He has also turned into quite the explorer—he likes to go for walks to different rooms and upstairs. He also likes to go out on the balcony to enjoy the outside view and the fresh air! We love that there are so many people at the cleft home to speak to him and tease him…and so many innocent victims that he can trick by his smiley disguise!

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