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John Waits

John is a child whom many of us have watched grow up.  Part of our foster care program in Anhui since 2008, we have seen monthly reports on him for many years, and LWB volunteers have met with him on numerous occasions when they visited his village.  He has truly grown into a boy who is full of fun!  John has been on the shared list for several years now, and he also is the recipient of an adoption assistance grant.  Boys are typically chosen for adoption less frequently than girls (see Amy Eldridge’s blog post, “The Adoption of Boys“).  Despite this, and despite the fact that with each passing year John’s chances of being adopted become slimmer, we hold onto hope that an incredible family is out there for this special boy.

Our foster care manager asked John recently what made him angry, and he replied that nothing really makes him angry!  But he did admit to liking to scare his friends with a toy spider and to occasionally teasing his friend Chloe, something he found very amusing…as would most 11 year old boys!  John and Chloe spend a lot of time together as they are not only friends but foster brother and sister.  They enjoy watching TV and playing games together. These photos of John and Chloe together speak to the teasing and affection that exists between them.

John is not only an active boy with a great sense of humor, but he appears to be practicing his dance moves in his spare time. We shared this video a few weeks ago in the blog, “Dancing With the Stars of Lu’An” but think it’s worth sharing again to see John’s dance moves and how much fun he has with Chloe and Lianne!

This short clip shows John watching as Lianne writes a letter:

In this clip, John talks about one of his favorite pictures with our foster care manager:

Lately, John is becoming closer with some of the older boys in his neighborhood.  One of these boys is particularly good at cheering John up whenever he is feeling blue.  

We think it would be great for John to have big brothers of his own to look up to (and maybe sisters to play with as well)!

It’s so hard for us to understand why this fun-loving, full-of-life boy has waited for so long.  He has a post-operative heart condition, he is a good student, he is interested in sports and art, and he is well-liked by everyone in his community.  We have just learned that Lianne, whom we blogged on several weeks ago, has been chosen for adoption!  We know John will be happy for her, but of course it must be bittersweet as he wonders when it will be his turn to be chosen by a family.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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