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Join Us In the Fight Against Child Trafficking: Safe Haven Foster Care

This week, we’re asking 16 people to step forward and sponsor a child in our Safe Haven foster care program in Cambodia. This critical project, for children who’ve been trafficked or abused, provides family-based care to children who have lived through the unthinkable.

Every child in this program has sadly experienced extreme trauma in their young lives. To best help them heal, we continually seek out experts in the trauma field for their expertise and wisdom. We’ve learned that 90% of the healing process with rescued children is getting them to feel safe.

That comes through ready access to food and meals, having their own clothing, going to school, and knowing their foster mom and dad will be there for them. Safety is the most important thing we can do for these children, and placement into families who are inherent nurturers provides the stability they desperately need.

In our collaborations with psychologists, we’ve learned a lot about resiliency, and how every person is different on how they handle trauma. We respect that not every child who goes through something traumatic will have serious, lifelong effects, while others will struggle in enormous ways with shame or guilt from what they’ve endured.

Our goal at LWB is to ensure that every child in our Safe Haven program knows our team is there for them. We extend an open invitation: “If you ever need someone to listen…we’ll be here.”

We also understand that trauma is stored in the body in many different ways, and so we work with every child to help them discover where he or she finds calmness.

As part of our Safe Haven foster care program, children have access to regulating activities such as art, exercise, music, swimming, and even having a pet. We’ve seen firsthand the incredible healing that children can experience in being able to care for animals.

We’ve also learned that a child doesn’t have to have a cathartic experience to heal…a moment where they completely break down so they can be built back up. For many children in our care, it’s a much slower process — a gradual building of trust where a little bit comes out at a time. We know for some it could be a lifelong process, but we’re fully committed to standing beside them. Every child in Safe Haven regularly hears the empowering and affirming message, “You are strong. You can get through this. We believe in you.”

Will you stand with us to help a child who’s been hurt know they’re no longer alone? With the number of new children we’ve taken into full-time care, we need 9 more sponsors to have our Safe Haven program run in the black again.

Please join us in our fight against child trafficking, and change a child’s life today.

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