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Jordan: A Foster Care Success Story

This past December, Jordan experienced his very first Christmas. We knew this happy boy as Daniel when he lived in LWB’s Xinxiang Foster Care Program with a loving foster family prior to meeting his forever family.

Foster Care Success Story - Jan. 2013

We recently received photos and news from his mother and are happy to report that he is adjusting very well to life in America in general and to his family in particular. With three older brothers to follow and to help him, there is very little Jordan cannot do! Full of personality, intelligence, and charm, his family tells us that while he is a bit shy in public, he is not at all shy about expressing his opinions when he is at home!

Jordan quickly began to grasp the English language and has progressed to where he can communicate about almost anything. He is learning phonics and addition and enjoying being home schooled with his brothers.

Foster Care Success Story - Jan. 2013

Jordan’s foster family loved him dearly and gave him so much inner confidence that he just assumes that people will love him. And they do!

Jordan’s mother writes, “I truly believe LWB was instrumental in shaping this wonderful child. Granted, we are born with our very own temperaments, but I believe what happens from there is so dependent upon one’s caregivers, and Jordan must have been so very loved and well taken care of. I am so very thankful for LWB. You all truly have made a difference in the life of my child (and so many others as well).” All of us at LWB wish Super Jordan and his family a lifetime of happiness!

Foster Care Success Story - Jan. 2013

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