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Jordy Waits For Surgery

In September, this tiny little boy was found completely on his own and taken to a nearby orphanage.

The orphanage staff was very concerned, as he was severely dehydrated and had a distended belly. As soon as they called us for help, we agreed to take him to the hospital for emergency care.

At the hospital, doctors administered IV fluids to help stabilize the baby whom we called “Jordy.” They then discovered that he had been born with anal atresia. It was obvious that someone had tried to get him care because a rudimentary colostomy surgery had been done, which had failed.

While we most likely will never know what happened, perhaps his parents panicked when the first surgery didn’t work. We hope he will always know that someone did care enough to try.

Thanks to our Emergency Medical Fund, we were able to say “yes” to Jordy getting immediate surgery to correct the first colostomy and give him a chance for hope and healing.

Jordy was a trooper and recovered from this surgery with flying colors! Babies like Jordy who are born with anal atresia need three staged surgeries to correct this anorectal malformation. Following his first surgery in our care, Jordy went to our Anhui Healing Home where he has grown stronger and thrived with specialized care and the love of our healing home nannies.

Now seven months old, Jordy is ready for his second of three surgeries. However, we have not yet raised the total funds needed to pay for his surgery up front, and he moves to the hospital on Wednesday!

As of today, approximately $3,250 more is needed to cover the amount of Jordy’s second staged surgery. We have seen in the past how LWB supporters have stepped forward in love to fund surgery for a child in need, and we are hopeful that we will witness this again in Jordy’s situation.  Could you give even a small amount to help this beautiful little boy?

Jordy may have had a difficult beginning to his life, but together we can help him have a healthy and happy future!

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