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As Down Syndrome Awareness month moves into National Adoption Month this November, we want to introduce baby Jordyn. Jordyn was born with Down Syndrome and now needs emergency heart surgery to survive…so that someday she can hopefully have a family of her own.

We recently received a call from an orphanage in Anhui. A beautiful two-month-old baby girl in their care was suspected of having a serious heart defect in addition to being diagnosed with Down Syndrome. When they asked if we could help her get the quality medical evaluations she needed, we quickly agreed.

We arranged for Jordyn to get an echocardiogram, and it showed that she has a large VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) which needs surgery as soon as possible. Without an operation, Jordyn could go into heart failure.

Now, we need to raise $6,000 for the full amount of Jordyn’s surgery. Although this amount seems large, we know that our supporters can make this happen. No donation is too small to make a difference to this little girl in need.

Please help us heal Jordyn’s heart so that we can give her the opportunity to find a permanent family through adoption!

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