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Jordy’s Journey

In late summer of 2016, an orphanage in Anhui received a one-month-old baby boy who was dehydrated and feverish. The orphanage doctor soon discovered that this baby had a medical condition which required emergency surgery for the baby to survive. They immediately called and asked for our help, and we agreed to admit him to the hospital. We gave him the LWB name of Jordy.

Jordy spent nearly two months in the hospital recovering and gaining weight so that he could have the first of what would ultimately be three operations. Ast last, this tiny warrior was finally well enough to be admitted to our Anhui Healing Home, weighing just 4.1 kilograms at intake.

After spending so long in the hospital, Jordy immediately adapted to the good life in our healing home. He loved interacting with the  healing home nannies and was always bright and alert.

In summer of 2017, Jordy returned to the hospital for yet another surgery.

Fortunately, one of the healing home nannies was able to be with him in the hospital so that he wouldn’t be too scared.

Before long, Jordy was back to business at the Anhui Healing Home. As you can see, he found his caretakers endlessly fascinating!

As Jordy approached his second birthday, we were so happy to learn a family in China was interested in making him part of their family through adoption.

We were so happy to learn that a family in China was interested in making Jordy part of their family! Just last month, Jordy met his mom and has now been officially adopted.

Thanks to our supporters, Jordy received emergency care when he needed it the most as well as three separate surgeries. This ultimately led to him having the opportunity to find a permanent home in the country of his birth, and we could not be happier!

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  • Lisa says:

    So thrilled to hear Jordy has a forever family! I’m sure the nannies miss him terribly – he always looked so loved and adored in his pictures with them