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Joseph: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Joseph is a lovable, friendly, and helpful boy at LWB’s Believe in Me Jinjiang School and has Down Syndrome. This 10-year-old boy always has a smile for his teachers and classmates, which brightens up everyone’s day!


Joseph loves school and is always quick to join in. He likes physical activities, such as playing on the climbing equipment or participating in P.E. class. Joseph  always tries hard and likes to help others, especially the younger children at the school. Joseph is very proud to be a special helper in the class, and this is one of the things he does the best! He has a big heart full of love!


Joseph is thriving and enjoying life at his school, but we need your help to support his educational needs. Please consider sponsoring this wonderful boy and helping him to receive the education he deserves. We welcome your one-time donation in any amount or your monthly sponsorship of $25. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos on Joseph’s progress.

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