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Joseph: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Joseph is ten years old and lives with his foster family. He enjoys doing activities with his family, such as going to the park. Joseph attends second grade and likes math and physical education classes best. He is friendly and helpful in class, even working with other students on their assignments.


Joseph often plays sports with his friends after school. He wants to learn to play ping pong and has been practicing his exercises to enter a gymnastics competition. Joseph’s interest and progress in physical activities and sports is remarkable considering that he had spinal surgery for a meningoencephalocele. He hasn’t let this challenge slow him down one bit.


This amazing young boy needs sponsors to support his education costs. Your one-time donation in any amount or monthly donation of at least $20 will help make it possible for Joseph to continue enjoying the educational opportunities he receives through LWB’s Fuyang Tuition Assistance program.

Thank you for believing in Joseph and helping him continue to progress!

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