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Joseph, LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Joseph is 7-1/2 years old, outgoing, and very clever! In a perfect world, he would be in a class of second graders, working hard and excelling in all he attempts. Unfortunately, life is not perfect, and he was born with a special need that causes others to shun him, in school and in the community. And yet, he continues to be filled with life and smiles and joy!

When the LWB team visited his village in June, he was the child who kept running back for another balloon animal or toy, laughing and giggling the whole time. Joseph is able to enjoy the love and care of his foster parents who go out of their way to make his life as normal as possible. But Joseph still needs funding for the surgery that could change his life for the better! To learn more about Joseph, visit his sponsor page.

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  • kfreihammer says:

    C’mon folks – there’s a few ways we can cut costs for a week or two and donate to Joseph’s surgery. Join me!