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Joseph’s Heart of Gold

Sports and cartoons, friends and fun.  Does that sound like a typical eight-year-old boy?  It describes Joseph perfectly.  From ball sports to agility on the playground, his teachers report he is quite the athlete.  Joseph is also a true friend and is quick to stick up for his classmates if one of them is being teased or picked on.  He has what some would call a “heart of gold” and is filled with courage and valor.  These traits serve him well as both a student and a friend.

Joseph is the blessed recipient of that very special extra chromosome that gives him what we call “Down Syndrome.”  His special need only makes him the lovable guy that he is.  Joseph is very verbal, incredibly high functioning, and has a future filled with possibility once he has the opportunities that a family would provide for him.  He is beloved by his classmates and teachers alike.  Now he just needs a family to love him!  What a gift to have a son like Joseph.

Joseph has an explorer’s heart!  When the teachers in his Believe in Me Jinjiang School taught the children a science unit on insects, Joseph was keen to get outside and collect specimens, examine them under the magnifying glass, and compare and contrast the different entymological finds.  He is naturally curious and a quick study.  Eager and engaged, he loves school and learning.

Joseph needs a family to see in him what we have all observed for years: a bright, very capable, incredibly lovable and loving, kindhearted boy.   We believe he will make a wonderful son and brother.  Could this special guy be your child?  How lucky you will be!  There is a myriad of people who know him well and are cheering for Joseph.  We can’t wait to celebrate his family.

~Sara Silburn, Believe in Me Jinjiang coordinator

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