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Joshua: A Medical Success Story

Joshua stole all of our hearts from the first day we saw his photos. He was described as strong and active, though diagnosed with several heart defects that made his repair complex. Joshua arrived at the hospital with a respiratory infection but responded well to treatment. His updates always included a note about what a good appetite he had and how active he was.

Joshua in hospital

Joshua and his caregiver obviously shared a special bond as well. His caregivers said he was easily excitable and had trouble going to sleep at night.

Joshua with caregiver

After receiving several days of breathing treatments and antibiotics, the doctors were able to do the first repair, which we all hoped would allow him to gain weight and grow stronger. Joshua was discharged from the hospital almost a month after his admission and returned to his home orphanage in the Jiangxi Province. He was such a favorite on the ward that all the doctors and nurses turned out to say goodbye.

Joshua ready to go home

Our most recent update tells what great care he is receiving and includes a wonderful description of his health:

Now Joshua learns to wave his hand to express “goodbye,” clap his hands to express “welcome,” and bow to express “thank you.” He will shake his body and hands when he listens to the music or when you say to him, “Dance.” Nannies now train him to walk on his own. He can walk a few steps by himself but falls onto nannies’ arms quickly. He walks very well when holding fences. Joshua is extroverted and likes to laugh. He becomes stronger with a better appetite after surgery. Now he looks very cute and lovely with apple cheeks. We all love him.

LWB’s Medical Team is especially happy to see those apple cheeks as well! While Joshua will still need a second surgery, we’re hoping that he will have the love and care of his forever family when the time comes.

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