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Josie: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Josie is a beautiful 20-month-old toddler who is new to our foster care program in Changzhi. Josie came to us from the Little Flower Project in Beijing where she was referred to as Hua. You can read more about her story of her early life here. Since entering our foster care program in November, Josie has been thriving!

Josie 1

Diagnosed with congenital heart disease and Goldenhar Syndrome, Josie has enjoyed exploring her new foster home and playing with her foster mother. Josie is described as having an outgoing and curious personality.

josie 2

One of her favorite things to do is to walk around her foster home holding onto the walls and furniture since she is still not steady on her feet. She loves having the freedom to explore!

Josie is a quick learner. She can correctly use new toys with just simple instruction. She also loves to color. Her foster mother is very proud of her for not coloring off the sheet of paper!

Josie 3

Josie and her foster mother have bonded quickly, and now Josie will cry out for her if she can’t see her.

Josie still needs a few sponsors for while she is in foster care with us. Sponsors will receive a monthly report and pictures sharing Josie’s progress. Please consider joining us in watching Josie grow!

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