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Josie’s Determination

Josie is a student in our Fujian Secondary and Higher Education program. She joined our program in 2013 after it became impossible for her family to afford for her to stay in school.


Josie lives with her grandparents who do their best to provide for her. Her grandfather farms, and her uncle works in a coal mine to sustain the family. However, they do not have a stable enough income to provide for Josie’s education.

Fast forward to her second year of high school and Josie is flourishing. She set a goal to improve her English grades and she has exceeded her expectations.


Finding living in a dormitory setting too distracting, Josie made plans to live off campus with a friend so she could spend more time studying during the week. She feels more at peace and relaxed, and we are proud of her for taking the initiative to make this change. Josie has also become quite close with another Fujian SHE student, Sue. They are inseparable and we see them in each other’s pictures and updates every quarter. We think it is wonderful that Josie’s sponsors have not only given her a chance at an education, but have also helped open the door for new friendships!


This incredible girl has a determination that we know is going to serve her well in the pursuit of her dreams. With the help of our generous sponsors, Josie is looking forward to wrapping up her second year of high school and preparing for her end of year exams.

We are so proud of all that Josie has accomplished this year!

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