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Joy: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Joy, this beautiful 14-year-old young lady, has autism and attends our Believe in Me Jingzhou School. For the first two years that Joy was in school, she refused to write, work on math or reading, and participate with arts and crafts. Then one year ago Joy had an amazing breakthrough. We all rejoiced when we received the update that told how this precious young girl had started to participate in class!

It wasn’t long before Joy was doing much more than coloring and crafts; this sweet girl was soaring in her school work… learning math and practicing writing! We are so proud of Joy’s success and how she has overcome so much in her young life. Without our Believe in Me schools, many of our children would never have the experiences or opportunities to attend any type of school. We are grateful for our teachers and China staff who work to change these children’s lives. Joy’s teachers never gave up on her but stuck by her side as she made “slow and steady” progress.

Joy is in need of sponsors for her schooling. You can help this lovely girl continue to progress with your sponsorship of $20 per month. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos. We look forward to watching Joy continue to work toward her potential.

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