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Joyful Jason

Jason is a handsome three-year-old boy who has been in our Sanmenxia foster care program since last September.


Jason is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but that has not prevented him from growing and thriving!


When we first learned about Jason, our foster care manager described him as a very lively boy. Another word we have learned that describes Jason would be joyful! Every month, we get pictures of him with the biggest smile on his face.

Jason2 4.15

Jason has a strong interest in painting. His foster parents have encouraged this talent and set up a special spot in their foster home for him to practice. Jason also likes to draw with chalk outside on the pavement. Typically he will draw something and then call his foster mother over to ask her opinion of his work!

Jason2 3.15

We are so proud of Jason for all the growth he has had since entering foster care.

Jason3 4.15

We are also so thankful for his loving foster parents who encourage his artistic skills and are always trying to teach him new things. Jason, you are truly a joy to have in our foster care program!

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