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Joyful Jordy

Last fall, we were contacted by an orphanage who had just received a baby boy born with the medical need of anal atresia, a congenital birth defect that affects about 1 in every 5,000 births. For many children born with this condition, surgery is needed almost immediately to survive, and it was particularly sad for us to learn that someone in Jordy’s life, perhaps his birthparents, had arranged for him to get the emergency surgery he needed.

The operation done on baby Jordy before he arrived at the orphanage was rudimentary. By the time he was abandoned, he had become quite ill. We quickly moved Jordy to a top children’s hospital, where he underwent another emergency surgery. While we have no way now to find his parents, we hope that one day Jordy will understand that even though his first operation was done incorrectly, someone certainly cared enough about saving his life to try.

Very quickly following the second operation, Jordy began to feel better. When he first came into our hands, he cried almost continually from pain. Now, however, he could rest comfortably and begin to fully heal.

We all began to fall in love with Jordy’s beautiful, expressive face.

Soon after surgery, Jordy came to live at our Anhui Healing Home. Our wonderful home manager, Paddy, used his hair clippers to even out the “IV access” head shave he had received in the hospital.

No worries, Jordy — remember, bald is beautiful!

All during November, Jordy received lots of nurturing care and warm bottles, and he soon started filling out the way our nannies like. They told us that baby Jordy was very attentive and loved making eye contact with everyone who held him.

“Held” is the key word for what Jordy loves the most. This is one little boy who loves being cuddled! Our nannies were more than happy to do just that.

We also started to see his joyful smile, which we know you’ll agree could warm anyone’s heart.

November turned to December, and Jordy became even more interactive and curious. He discovered a love of music and bounced along whenever the radio was on. He also learned to rock a hat, whether it was one with pink bunny ears…

…or one from Santa himself!

As 2017 began, Jordy continued to have a true zest for life…laughing, babbling, and greeting everyone with a smile who came to the home.

Finally in March, it was time for Jordy to undergo another surgery. Anal atresia often requires three operations, and Jordy was ready for the very important stage two surgery. Thanks to our wonderful supporters, his surgery was fully funded within a few weeks. Jordy and his nanny prepared to head back to the children’s hospital. (He looked a little apprehensive when he heard the news!)

We’re so happy to report that Jordy came through his most recent medical procedure with flying colors. The day after his operation, he was already gracing his nanny with his wonderful smile.

Jordy’s story of hope is only possible because of your kindness and compassion for the children in our programs, and today we send our deepest thanks. It’s our sincere hope that Jordy’s orphanage will soon file the paperwork he needs to have a chance at adoption. With a family of his very own, Jordy’s future is truly unlimited!

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