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Julia: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Julia arrived at the Fujian Healing Home (FHH) in July 2011, at just five months of age. Julia had already been through surgery for an abdominal obstruction, and her orphanage in Gutian was having a difficult time with her post-op care. Fortunately we were able to take this sweet girl into FHH for additional treatment and to receive some “TLC” from our wonderful staff. It didn’t take long at all for Julia to start melting the hearts of the caregivers at FHH; with her wonderful smile and shining eyes, she is irresistible!

Julia also has the special needs of macrostomia (a large mouth opening) and microtia (a deformity of the ear). She will eventually need facial surgery, but for now she is enjoying lots of love and care at FHH and is doing well. Now nine months old, Julia loves to play and has just started crawling. We are hoping that Julia will be matched with a family very soon, and we are certain that her future is just as big and bright as her beautiful, contagious smile.

Julia likes to follow her favorite caregiver around the home in her walker, making sure that she doesn’t miss anything. Why not follow her example? If you don’t want to miss any of Julia’s gorgeous smiles, please consider sponsoring her for $50 per month (or $25 per month for a shared sponsorship). Sponsors will receive monthly photos and updates on her progress and will be a part of Julia’s story of hope.

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