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Julia’s Smile Project

Meet Julia, a twelve-year-old member of TeamLWB with a passion for making a difference for children born with cleft lip and palate!

Here is Julia’s story:

Twelve years ago, I was born in China and put in an orphanage. I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. The nannies at the orphanage took the time to feed me every day so that I could get proper nutrition. A generous person sponsored my lip repair surgery.

My life changed when a man and woman took me all the way from China to New Jersey and became my Mom and Dad. I have had several surgeries and have gone through a lot in my short life.

I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had and the help that was given to me as a baby. I want to give back. I have the opportunity to make a difference and would like to sponsor as many surgeries of cleft-affected children as I am able.

Last year, I raised almost $1,600 selling candy at various local sporting events and through donations on the LWB website. I was able to sponsor the surgeries of both Omar and Ray who were living in Chinese orphanages.

Omar getting ready for surgery

Ray, before and after cleft repair surgery

This year I have been selling candy and bracelets at my travel basketball games. I am hoping to raise enough funds to sponsor at least one if not two cleft surgeries again this year. I would love to raise awareness for my project and enlist the help of adoptees around the world who share similar experiences.

If you’d like to help Julia raise funds, please visit her TeamLWB fundraising page, Julia’s Weixiao (Smile) Project, here.

Julia, we are so proud to have you as part of TeamLWB!

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