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Just a Job?

Are you like me, guilty of things becoming “just a job”? Well, I guess walking the Flora Women’s Mini-Marathon in Dublin was falling into that category for me. Not that the walking was getting any easier (especially now that I am a year older!) But the motivation needed to write and ask for support in my endeavours was lacking. That part of me that needs to step outside my box and ask, openly ask, for money for the Henan Cleft Healing Home (HCHH) was quite hard this year. Promoting the event had become a job I couldn’t quite settle down to do…until I saw the photos of three boys. Three boys, Vicente, Noel (featured above) and Paul who now live in our HCHH getting the nurture and care that their tiny fragile bodies need…never mind the love their beating hearts crave.

Seeing those photos was difficult for me. You might think I would be used to the never-ending needs of our sweet babies born with cleft. But no, these little boys have motivated me to SHOUT out for help. Can you help me continue our Cleft Healing Home care for babies like Paul?

Look at this photo of Paul, then scroll down and see what one week…yes, ONE week of HCHH care did for him.

Paul gained 1.7 pounds in that first week of hand feeding. I’ve worked out that the cost to make that happen for Paul is about $100 (per week). $100 for everything needed from the wages of a loving, trained nanny to the electricity to heat the water to add to his formula, from his diapers to his warm snuggly crib. I didn’t make that happen. Our incredible sponsors did.

To help us continue helping babies like Paul, Vicente and Noel, click here.

With thanks and IN HOPE!

Julie Flynn Coleman, Healing Homes Director

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