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Kaden: No Photos, Please!

Kaden is a very shy boy who lives in the Deyang orphanage in Sichuan Province who has just celebrated his third birthday. He really doesn’t like having his picture taken…can you tell? He entertains himself very well and is somewhat reticent around strangers….even strangers who come bearing food! From this gallery of photos that our China nutrition program director has taken of Kaden over the past year, you can really see how camera-shy he is. We did manage to capture one photo of him smiling as he plays in the water!

Despite his bashfulness, Kaden’s curiosity is alive and well, and he is quite interested in any visitors to his orphanage…even if he doesn’t want to pose for a picture. His special need is that he appears to be deaf, which may have quite a lot to do with his quiet demeanor. ┬áKaden is going to be evaluated this month to see if surgery could possibly help him regain some degree of his hearing, and at this time he is wearing a hearing aid.

Finding a family who is willing to help Kaden communicate better despite his hearing impairment will undoubtedly make a real difference in this little guy’s life. Kaden is currently on the waiting child list, and we look forward to someday soon receiving smiling photos of him with his new family!

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  • China0407 says:

    Hi Sue, Just emailed you. Can’t wait to talk!


  • Sue says:

    This is an amazing story. I am waiting to travel to China to pick up my 6 year old son. He is profoundly deaf but received a Cochlear implant one year ago. I would love to email you separtely regarding Kai’s transition and types of commucnication modalities you are using (ASL, oral). My email address [email protected]

    Thank you

  • KimKandola says:

    Denise that is so wonderful to hear. What a wonderful end to a story. I would love to see your son’s updated picture also but I do’t know how to post it either. Maybe join th FB for LWB and try posting it on there?

  • China0407 says:

    Hi, I just wanted to give you an update now that Kai (aka Kaden) has been home just over a month now. He is doing very well and working through his behavioral issues pretty quickly. The caregivers would tend to give into his temper tantrums because of his deafness so he was used to getting everything and then some. I’m happy to report now that he is part of a loving family, learning to be a son, a little brother, and learning sign language to communicate that his tantrums and other behavioral issues are improving greatly, and quickly.

    He is also gaining some benefit from his Cochlear implant that China placed in his right ear eight days before my match with him. I had no idea they were doing it but he is hearing some things with it so I am grateful.

    Oh and he is no longer camera shy, at all!!! He loves being photographed now. I would love to post a new picture of him but don’t know how so if anyone knows I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you all,

    Kai and Ru’s loving Mom, Denise

  • cheryl says:

    wow, sounds like fate has stepped in and done the BEST thing for this little kiddo- I hope you keep us posted. I keep hoping my husband will stretch his heart a bit more.