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Kathy from Huainan Foster Care

Kathy is a sweet, social six-year-old who always has a smile on her face.

Kathy 3

In addition to living in our Huainan foster care program, Kathy is also part of the Orphaned Student Support education program which helps pay her school tuition fees. With her outgoing personality, Kathy has many friends in school.


Her teachers say she is well behaved and always follows their instructions.

Kathy 2

Kathy is learning to copy patterns and some numbers now. She easily recognizes colors, practices her scissor skills by cutting out shapes, and is also learning Chinese characters. She enjoys playing with the parachute and spending time in the school’s sandbox.


Kathy is active and likes doing morning exercises with her foster parents. She enjoys spending time outside playing on the playground, playing hide-and-seek and tag with her friends. She is the fastest runner in her class!


We have heard that Kathy has a family working to bring her home!


Kathy needs sponsors to support her in foster care while she awaits her forever family. If you could help, please visit her sponsorship page here!

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