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Keeping Up With Herschel, Tyson, Carson and Jade

For those of you who follow our Facebook page, you know that we frequently post photos of children who are in urgent need of medical treatment. We are always so grateful for all of the prayers and good wishes sent for these precious children who often have to undergo very complex surgeries. Today we would like to update you on a few of the children who touched so many hearts.


Baby Herschel came to the Anhui Healing Home looking like a little blueberry due to his extremely complex heart defect. We were amazed at the outpouring of support shown towards this little boy, and we are happy to report that he had his heart operation recently and is recovering so well.


Tiny Tyson came into the world after a difficult birth, with black eyes, a bloody lip, and in need of emergency surgery. This tiny baby traveled from Guizhou to Shanghai for his operation, and now is recovering at ourĀ Heartbridge Healing Home outside of Beijing. We are thrilled that he gained 1.3 pounds in his first two weeks there!


Two year old Carson was born with an enormous spinal tumor and spent the majority of his life lying on his tummy in his orphanage crib. We moved him to Shanghai for a major operation, and then we all held our breath as we waited to see if he would still be able to kick his legs post surgery. We are thrilled to report that he is now recovering at the Anhui Healing Home and can move both legs with spirit!


So many of you sent notes of encouragement for baby Jade when she was in the hospital for her heart surgery, when she weighed just 3 kg. Shortly after her discharge from the hospital, she went into heart distress and had to be readmitted. She is now recovering at Heartbridge as well, and has gained almost 2 pounds since her arrival, in part due to her special preemie formula.

Thank you so much for your support and love for these wonderful kids. You can help write a similar story of hope for other children with urgent medical needs by visiting our sponsorship page!

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