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Kids Making a Difference

My daughter Ying Li is in a group of five 5th graders in an IB program at Grandview Hills Elementary School in Austin, Texas. Ying Li and her classmates Bella, Max, Madiha and Mia are doing an Exhibition Project; “Equal Rights and Safe Education”.

They have been researching for weeks and learned about Love Without Boundaries and their efforts in Cambodia and Uganda to provide safe education and hot meals. This project required not only learning about an issue but taking action. For their “action” these kids chose to sell pencils at a local ice cream store for $1.00 each.

On the pencils they attached a note saying, “Be thankful for a pencil, not everyone is privileged to have one.” They printed photos of the kids in Uganda and Cambodia and their school conditions. They also asked for a $2 donation to make a pipe cleaner bracelet with beads.

The ice cream store is a popular hangout for kids, teenagers and parents. It was really heartwarming to see the kids approach people, explain the need and show them the photos of the kids and the schools LWB has built. Some of the things they told the donors were that “the kids used to have to eat mush that did not have much taste, and now they have a real meal.” They said that “the school buildings with desks help the children concentrate and they don’t have to worry about getting wet or sitting on the floor anymore.” The teens were so very supportive! When one gave, the others gave also.

By the end of the day, these five friends had raised $120.67. They chose to donate it to the LWB’s new Believe In Me Rangsei School so that the children would have pencils, books, paper and other school supplies.

These kids are really exhibiting IB attitudes and Learner Profiles, and we are proud that they are making a difference!

~Cheryl Bonfils-Rasmussen is LWB’s Changzhi Foster Care Coordinator

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