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Kim, Jimmy and other Foster Care Faces!

It’s Friday, and we’d like to introduce you to some darling new arrivals to our foster care programs!

At just two months old, winsome Kim has already experienced surgery for pulmonary cysts. We are hoping she will be released from the hospital next week so she can join our Zhang Village foster care program. Doesn’t she look anxious to get started with the real business of life? All of us on the Foster Care team feel incredibly privileged to be able to work with children like Kim and watch these children grow and develop within their foster families. We enjoy watching their personalities develop and are so grateful to our wonderful foster families and sponsors.

Jimmy is truly a new arrival as he was born just this month. He is all ready to join our Zhaotong foster care program once he gets a sponsor! At a later stage, Jimmy will need corrective surgery for urological issues.

Kim and Jimmy are so young but are by no means our youngest children. We have a newborn baby who is not even a week old. She just received surgery for an intestinal blockage and will be coming to our Huainan foster care program in a few weeks.

So many other lovely children have received surgery courtesy of our wonderful medical donors and are now awaiting a sponsor so that they can enter foster care. Take a look at just a few of the children we currently have on our website!

For just $35 a month, sponsors receive monthly reports and photos so that they can watch their little ones grow and develop. You can learn more about them by emailing us at foster@lwbmail.com.  Please consider playing a part in these children’s lives!

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