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Kimi: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Meet Kimi, our tiny bird! In this photo she is wearing a heavy padded coat for warmth. If you took it off, you would see that she is much too thin for her age. Last month LWB’s Nutrition and Orphanage Assistance Program Director received a phone call from an adoptive parent who had recently adopted a child whom LWB had helped. While in China for their adoption, the mom visited the orphanage and noticed a tiny baby. She learned that this little girl had a cleft palate and had a difficult time feeding and gaining weight. The mom was very concerned as this little one looked more like a four-month-old than an almost one-year-old.

We called the orphanage to inquire about this little one and immediately had a high quality formula and some cleft bottles sent to the orphanage so that the nannies could more easily feed this tiny baby. LWB’s Preemie and Special Formula Fund made all this possible. We frequently learn of children who are struggling to gain weight and grow. These children do not have the luxury of time for us to find an individual sponsor to cover their nutritional needs. Our Preemie and Special Formula Fund allows us to immediately step in to help.

Your one-time or ongoing donation in any amount is greatly appreciated. Fund sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos on the children who have been helped. We look forward to seeing Kimi grow and thrive!

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  • K says:

    I’ve just been told that this little girl now has a family that will be coming in June to get her. If anyone knows of them, please tell them that LWB has pictures of her and so do I and I’d love to give the pictures to them.