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Kimmie: An Education Success Story

Kimmie, a seven-year-old girl in our Believe in Me Changde School, is a lovely young girl! We first met her in 2007 at a physical and occupational therapy camp held at the Changde orphanage. At that time the orphanage director was reluctant to let Kimmie join in class lessons, but a few determined LWB volunteers helped to change the director’s mind.

Kimmie at PT camp

Not long after the camp, this precious young lady walked for the first time, with the use of a walker donated at the camp. As Kimmie does with most everything, she approached walking with tremendous determination and a gigantic smile. Within a short period of time, Kimmie was walking independently (with her walker) and was making strides in her learning as well.

Kimmie with her walker

Today Kimmie has grown into an amazing child who is interested in the events and activities going on around her and enjoys being a part of life! Just this winter Kimmie asked to take part in the school Christmas party. This was such a huge surprise to her teachers,as she had, for many years, shown no interest in activities. We were told Kimmie had a great time at the party. Kimmie has gained much needed confidence!

Kimmie at school

Since Christmas Kimmie is showing interest in many more school activities. It was reported that she loves to cut paper. When she is finished cutting, she will stop and ask the teachers, in a very serious voice, whether her cuttings are beautiful. Kimmie loves to learn, and is doing a great job of focusing on her lessons. She is also learning good manners. She expresses herself well and neatly finishes her schoolwork with little supervision. We are ecstatic when we think about the amazing progress that Kimmie has made in the Believe in Me Changde School, and we are so thankful for her wonderful sponsors who allow Kimmie this opportunity.

We understand that Kimmie’s adoption file will be sent to the CCCWA soon, and we can’t wait to hear that she has a forever family. We know that Kimmie will be an amazing daughter to a very lucky and special family!

Each LWB program features a monthly Success Story on our main website.  We will now be showcasing these stories on LWB Community to help give our readers a sense for the many ways that children in our programs are thriving.

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