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Kisses from Elizabeth

Blowing kisses is one of Elizabeth’s favorite things to do! Considering all this beautiful 17-month-old girl has been through in the past few months, it’s quite a testament to her resilient spirit.

Elizabeth came into our hands through our Medical Program when her orphanage called us saying she needed heart surgery as quickly as possible. Before heading off to the operating room, both Elizabeth and her nanny were understandably nervous.

Post op, Elizabeth did very well and was soon ready to be discharged to our Heartbridge Healing Home. Unfortunately, fluid began building up in her lungs, and she had to be urgently admitted to a hospital in Beijing, where they have been draining the fluid from her lungs each day.

Every time the nurses come into her room, she always blows them kisses…until she sees them put on their rubber gloves. Then she knows right away a medical procedure is coming. However, just as soon as they are gone, she is back to her sunny, smiling self. Clever Elizabeth has even used the “blowing kisses” technique to get more watermelon out of her nanny! Fortunately, her appetite is improving each day.

We are thankful for the wonderful care that Elizabeth has been receiving at Beijing United Family Hospital. This is a western hospital, however, which does mean that her medical care is as expensive as if she were in a U.S. based hospital. Elizabeth’s hospital bill is climbing higher each day. We would love to ask for your thoughts and prayers for Elizabeth to be discharged from the hospital to Heartbridge as soon as possible. We would be most grateful for donations to this darling girl’s care.

We feel sure Elizabeth would blow you kisses of thanks if she could!

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  • chinalwb says:

    We recommend you contact our Adoption Assistance Team at [email protected] with any adoption related questions. Thanks, and best of luck to you!

  • Jessica says:

    I too would like to know about this little girl. Is she available for adoption? We are just finishing our home study and would love to know more about her:)

  • debra reifsnyder says:

    How can I inquire about this little one?