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Knowing Love

Together with our nannies, we at LWB are thrilled when the residents of the cleft home are healthy enough to receive surgery, and then leave the cleft home to enter into foster care. We believe that every child deserves to know the love of a family, and we know that placement into foster care is the best possible option for these children until they are able to be adopted into their own forever family.

Our nannies want only the best for these children, and they understand that entering foster care is a cause for celebration. It means a child has gained weight, received life-changing surgery, and recovered well!  But it also means that the child they have come to know and to love is leaving, and that is never easy.  This week, the cleft home bid farewell to Dawn and Nick, two children who have been at the cleft home for many months.  These photos from their good-byes clearly and poignantly express the bond that has formed between the children and their nannies.  We are sorry to see them go, and grieve together with their nannies, but know that this day is also a cause for celebration. We also know that, while these goodbyes are obviously painful, they are also a wonderful sight, because it means our children have known real, genuine love—and that is not something they will soon forget. 

Thank you for your generous gifts, which enable us to provide each of these children with the opportunity to know real love.  And thanks to our wonderful nannies for providing such tender loving care.

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