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Kyra: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Kyra received surgery in May 2011 to repair her cleft lip. She spent her initial recovery time at our Anhui Healing Home and was moved to a wonderful foster care family in July. She celebrated her first birthday in September!

Kyra has adjusted very well to her new family life and loves to play with her older foster brother. Her favorite foods are congee and egg yolks, but she will also try most of the foods that her foster mother gives her. When she gets sleepy at night, Kyra loves to be in her foster grandmother’s arms until she falls asleep. She is now able to stand alone but still needs some assistance walking. It won’t be long before she is running after her foster brother and the other children in the neighborhood.

Kyra is in need of three sponsors at $35 per month to support her care. Sponsors will receive monthly updates and photos. Please consider supporting Kyra and sharing in our joy each month as we watch her grow.

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