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Landon: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Landon 3.26.16

Landon is a brand new one-year-old and is also brand new to our Fuyang Foster Care program.  Landon spent almost all of the first year of his life in our Anhui Healing Home after recovering from megacolon.


After living with his foster family for a few weeks, our foster care manager had the opportunity to meet Landon for the first time. When our manager arrived, Landon was running around the rooms in a baby walker, feeling quite at home. He was eating biscuits and smiling and acting like he owned the place.  This makes us so happy!

Landon foster mom 4.16

Our foster care manager thought he might be shy, but Landon does not seem to be afraid of strangers at all. She showed him how to clap his hands to welcome her, and he imitated her and learned how immediately. She shook hands with him, and he stretched out his little hand to greet her. She feels he is a very smart boy!

Landon 4.16

Landon is already becoming attached to his foster mother and cries if he can’t see her.  Although he can stand and walk with support, mostly he just wants to be held by his foster mother.

Landon 2 4.16

Welcome to your foster family, sweet Landon!

Landon needs sponsors of $40 per month to help support his placement with a foster family. Sponsors will receive monthly photos and updates, and we think they will truly love watching him blossom and grow!

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