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Lara, Social Butterfly in Training

When two-year-old Lara first came to be a student at our Believe in Me orphanage school in Qingyang, she was described as introverted and shy. She could only make babbling sounds and did not smile even at familiar people.

Lara 4

However, just a few short months later, we are already seeing a big difference in this sweet girl. Under the attention and direction of her Believe In Me school teachers, precious Lara is starting to blossom.

Lara 6

Lara’s latest school update states that she likes to be hugged by her teacher and smiles at her friends.

Lara Qingyang kids 8.15Lara (in pink) with some of her friends.

In fact, she now knows all the names of her classmates. She sounds like a social butterfly in training!

Lara 5Lara with her friend Diane

Now, Lara can say “mama”, “thank you”, “aunt”, and “goodbye” in Chinese. She likes blowing bubbles & playing with the fish in the classroom. Lara can also copy the movements of her teacher when doing their class exercises. What a bright girl, who just so happens to be adorable, too!

Lara 3

We are so grateful that Lara has a team of supporters that make her growth & learning possible. It is so much fun to watch her personality flourish under the loving care of her teachers. Thank you to LWB supporters for being a part of her success story!

lara peeking 8.15

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