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Laurel and Her Dad

Last month, we shared the story of Laurel, a very ill seven-year-old girl who lives with her parents on the Tibetan Plateau.

Laurel 9.22.15

A first surgery to correct Laurel’s congenital birth defect left her in a great deal of chronic pain. Given the opportunity to get help for their daughter through our Unity Initiative, her family literally climbed over a mountain to give her the opportunity for a second surgery (see the blog, “Climbing Mountains for Laurel“).

Laurel and her father arrived at the hospital about a month ago and have been inseparable there ever since. In China, the patient’s family member can remain with them in the hospital and brings them food and other necessities. Surely having her father by her side was an enormous comfort to Laurel.

Laurel Dad 9.22.15

Laurel has had her surgery, and it is such a joy to see her looking more relaxed and comfortable!

Laurel 10.10.15

Before Laurel and her father return home, they need to spend approximately six weeks near a medical facility so that Laurel can receive therapy. After that time, she will face one additional surgery. We were concerned about them returning to their remote home on the Tibetan Plateau during this time and being unable to come for post-surgery checkups and treatments, so we found a room in one of our healing homes where both Laurel AND her father could remain together!

Laurel Dad 10.10.15

Laurel’s father is extremely grateful to everyone who has helped his treasured daughter find healing. He has told us that he would like to spend the six weeks that Laurel is receiving therapy and treatment helping out at our healing homes, and we are so grateful for his offer!

Laurel smiling 10.10.15

Having Laurel and her devoted dad stay with us at our healing homes will be a first for us. We have a feeling that Laurel, an only child, is going to enjoy being around the babies and toddlers while she heals, and we know that we will appreciate any help her father has to offer.

Laurel still needs $1,800 for her current medical treatment, and we are looking for people to stand alongside her with their donations. She and her father are also in need of a few winter outfits as they brought very little with them on their long journey. We are hoping to raise $300 for some of their daily essentials.

If you’d like to help Laurel and her family, donations in any amount are welcome!

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